How Economic Calendar Alerts work

Receive a forex economic calendar alert by email or SMS AlertFX keeps track of hundreds of scheduled global economic events from various countries.

  • In your account, select "Economic Calendar Alert" from the New Alert page.
  • Use the Economic Calendar to subscribe to upcoming Economic Events.

Users can select to receive their alerts after the data is released and/or as a warning alert prior to the scheduled release.

Set up a forex economic calendar alert

AlertFX monitors various sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.K. Office for National Statistics, for the latest economic releases, supporting economic calendar data from US, UK, Eurozone, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, China, Australia, New Zealand.

How Economic Calendar Alerts are Delivered

Forex traders usually pay very close attention to global economic events with the help of an economic calendar. AlertFX supplements the economic calendar by delivering new and previous economic data directly to their email inboxes and mobile devices. Once the data of the economic events are released, AlertFX immediately sends a notification to your Email, Mobile Phone, or Chat with the economic indicator headlines and numbers (actual, expected, and previous).

Receive a forex economic calendar alert by email or SMS

Economic Calendar Warning/Reminder Alerts

In addition to receiving economic data at time of release, traders can subscribe to "pre-release" warning alerts. These alerts serve as reminder notifications of scheduled economic releases. For example, subscribing to a 10 minute warning of U.S. Core CPI will result in an alert 10 minutes prior to the scheduled Core CPI release containing the previous and expected numbers.

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